Valentine’s Day Thoughts

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Valentine's Day:

The holiday that reminds you that if you don't have a special someone, you're alone.

-Lewis Black

Those of you who know me personally probably won’t be at all surprised to hear that I couldn’t give less than a damn about the fact that it's Valentine’s Day.

It’s just another day of the week as far as I’m concerned.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the people who are gullible enough to let this ‘holiday’ so severely affect their emotional state.

I hate to see my people walking around all SAD as if instead of V Day, they're celebrating 'Single Awareness Day' because no one got them anything.

And I do mean anything because sometimes it seems like folks are so desperate to have something to show off to prove to themselves and the world that they're loved, or at least liked, that they'd literally be glad for anything at all.

"What's this? Chocolate covered sardines? OMG I love it, thank you!!!"

If that's you today then yes, I'm talking about you. It had to be said.

But buck up little trooper, it's just a made up holiday after all.

Don't poke out your lip and pout all day, jealous because that bitch in the cubicle next to you just got an enormous teddy bear and it took 3 guys from the facilities staff to wheel all her flowers in from the loading dock, while all you got on your desk this morning is some stale, dry coffee from the bottom of the pot.

It's just a pitiful state of affairs - remember, you're supposed to be thriving not whining - you're a ThriveQuester for cryin out loud!

Resist the urge to pour your nasty coffee in her flowers when she goes to the bathroom. Don't be sewing dead fish into the back of her teddy bear while she's at lunch gushing to her friends about her gifts.

You're much better than that.

My point is simply that too many of us are missing the point! It's become so much about what you get or what she got or what they didn't get until all authenticity is strangled away from the act of giving or getting anything anymore these days.

Valentine's Day is BIG business and while you're becoming an emotional wreck every year because you let them convince you that the amount of love the people in your life have for you is in any way correlated to the amount of cash and prizes you may or may not rack up on this one day, these people from Hallmark and others are ringing in well over 18 billion dollars per year.

Valentine's Day as we know it today is a soulless remanufactured holiday of nebulous origins which for the past 100 years has literally kept Hallmark in a thriving business, almost singlehandedly.

You've been had.

You've been took.

You've been hoodwinked.


Led astray.

Run amok!

Not to worry though ThriveQuesters, I have a better idea! Why not use this day, along with the other 364 for that matter if you know like I know, to make sure that the people who mean the most to you know exactly how you feel about them?

This doesn't mean spending $6 at Walmart for a piece of paper with someone else's pictures and words on it, or burning through a mint for a chocolate covered speedboat filled with balloons and candy, but simply making sure you reach out and connect with your friends and loved ones in whatever way is the most comfortable for you both, as long as you convey your true feelings effectively.

It could be something as simple as a really good hug or as grandiose as a wedding proposal, but we all know how short life is - there's never a better time than right now to show your genuine love and appreciation for the people you actually do love and appreciate. I say whether you're single or involved, young or old, male or female, why not take this day back from the Hallmark folks and stop fretting about who got what, who didn't get shit, or who gave what to whom.

I say let's just worry about what we have to GIVE to our loved ones - that is, our genuine and unconditional love - if we can do that then I promise you in the end we'll all get something much more valuable and personal than whatever the folks at Hallmark or your local confectioner could ever sell you.

There are many people in my life for whom I am eternally grateful to have met and who I'd like to think know full well how I feel about them because I make it my business to let them feel the depth of my appreciation, affection and love at every opporunity. Today I won't be buying any of them any balloons, singing candy grams or God awful greeting cards containing someone else's carefully composed sentiments - but I will be letting them know, in my own special way, just how much I love them...because that's the greatest gift I have within my power to give.

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