How Bad Do You Want It?

Mar 16, 2013 by

I talk to people all the time about their goals, aspirations, interests and dreams.

We all have them.

In fact, I'd bet its actually hard for you to get through an average day in the world without someone blathering on to you about how they plan to start a business, lose some weight, stop smoking, get out of debt or take a dream trip to a dream place.

The problem for most people I speak to is this: what they say they want and what they're actually willing to work their ass off to get appear to be two very different things indeed!

Talk is cheap.

I spoke to a friend not long ago who wants to lose some weight, he asked me what I'd recommend for him as a starting point.

We talked briefly about his lifestyle, any workouts he did (which incidentally was basically none at the time) and his eating and drinking habits. Based on what he'd told me I said the first thing I'd do if I were him was to begin moderate workouts 3 days a week, cut way back on the alcohol and do his best to eliminate certain foods, particularly any deep fried foods, soda and wheat products.

He said those were good ideas and he'd already planned to start working out again, but there was just no way he could give up french fries and beer.

Blink.                             Blink.

I smiled and simply said 'suit yourself' because I've heard this sort of thing many times over and learned that there's no point in arguing or trying to reason with anyone about their life choices. It simply boils down to the fact that for him, evidently, he wanted his fries more than he wanted to lose weight.

Fair enough.

Action speaks louder than words, but not nearly as often.

-Mark Twain 

Along similar lines I was at a gathering with friends recently at a mountain resort in Virginia when I mentioned in passing that there was a pretty good fitness center available on the complex. One of the other members of the group seemed to perk up and get excited when she heard this. "Oh thats GREAT" she said, "I can get my workout in while we're here! How do you get to the gym?"

When I told her it was just down the hill and adjacent to the registration office, her entire expression changed. She said "Oh...I'd have to drive there? ...Nevermind, I'll just do some sit-ups in my room instead."

Her energy and enthusiasm for exercising was completely defeated by the specter of a 7 minute drive down the hill. It was as if she was down to workout only as long as it was absolutely and utterly effortless to do so, therefore she wanted her convenience more than she wanted to get fit.

Fair enough.

I have to admit I couldn't help but wonder how much of an actual workout her actual workout would have been. The simple fact is that in order to effect any kind of significant change it is required of us to evacuate our comfort zone.

Of course its called a comfort zone for a reason, our lives all too easily become a stasis - a cocoon of the familiar where we feel safe and protected. Venturing out of the little womb we create for ourselves into the dangers of the unknown and uncomfortable is not for the weak minded or faint of heart. It's easy to identify what changes you'd like to make, its easy to find out what you need to do in order to make those changes become a reality and then its easy to verbalise to whomever will listen what you intend to do to get yourself from point A to point B.

When the time for all that planning and preparation is over though, many find themselves unable to transform their words and intentions into actions. It's at this point that I say there's no substitute for the following two acronyms:



Keep those in your back pocket, bring them out as needed.

Along the lines of how bad do you want it, some of us over on the Facebook page are going to be joining forces online to do my annual Spring Sprinting for fat loss, which I normally do as a solo effort, but now have turned into a bit of a fitness challenge this year - read about it here and join the TQ VIP mailing list at top right to get additional information which will be coming out shortly.

Whatever it is that you've been talking about doing, today is a great day to actually start doing it; sometimes you just need to be reminded that yesterday, you said you'd do it tomorrow...

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  1. Q: WHY did the chicken cross the road?
    A: To get to other side

    Yes, it is an incredibly corny joke bordering on lame – but without a reason WHY I doubt if we would be motivated to do anything…As for me I’ve come up with 27 reasons why I want to get to my ideal weight of 133-145 lbs. and each of those reasons motivate me to move something every day without fail.

    Tonight, I had an extremely tough time getting out of my bed after flying for more than 8 hours today. My body ached and was filled with nitrogen in spots that make me creak with when I move. Yet I did it anyway. I got out of my bed and did my high aerobic stretch work out…Prior, I kept hitting the snooze button on my alarm but I knew if I didn’t get up and get my workout in tonight I’d be quitting on my 27 reasons and at this juncture in life quitting is just not an option.

  2. Renee J.

    omg, lol…so she wasn’t fit!?! Seriously, whats a seven minute drive to get in a bit of cardio!! Whenever i go on vacation i do try to workout, but its mostly running because i tend to overeat!

    “Whatever it is that you’ve been talking about doing, today is a great day to actually start doing it; sometimes you just need to be reminded that yesterday, you said you’d do it tomorrow…”

    I can so identify with this saying. I have to remind myself of this at least a few times a week, especially when I’m trying to workout at the gym or home. Or even making healthy food choices. My new motto is jfdi and maybe, stfu lol

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