King of Rocking Chairs?

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King of Rocking ChairsI recently went to my first Major League Baseball game.

Mind you, I’m not at ALL a baseball fan, but I had a great time nonetheless - in fact, it couldn’t have been a better evening; the weather was lovely as was my companion and the home team Braves won in extra innings to bring the fans to their feet.

To top it all off, after the game there was a concert by the great Run DMC, their first live show in over a decade and also their first stage appearance since the untimely demise of the legendary Jam Master Jay.

From what I saw of their performance after such a long hiatus they certainly aren’t the Run DMC of old - Darryl looks to be in excellent shape, but sounds like he’s been swallowing rocks and chasing them with razor blades, and while Joe still sounds fine and maintains most of his trademark charisma, he looks these days a lot like an old balding walrus in an Adidas jump suit.

Nevertheless there’s still some gas left in the tank and the show was certainly entertaining.

Watching those guys, who are both roughly 7 or 8 years my senior, get out there and put on a show with great energy and a good deal of passion even at the age of 50 actually reminded me a lot of how I view things in my own life.

I’ll be 43 before the year is out and couldn’t be happier about it.

Too often I feel like people around me associate their advancing years with negative connotations, no one wants to admit their age, look their age, get any older or God forbid actually be old.

On the contrary, I have an Uncle John who is fond of saying he isn’t getting older, he’s just getting better!

I much prefer my Uncle John's philosophy on the subject. With that said, past a certain point and in certain circumstances I don’t know if I’d say its actually 100% true in the literal sense – Run DMC’s stage performance certainly didn’t get any better with age – but in the end though, the lesson my Uncle taught me is clear: it doesn’t matter whether you’re literally getting better every year in every way, all that matters is that you continue to put forth your best effort, find the proper rhythms and passions in your life and always enjoy that which you’ve become; when you do those things you can hardly help but feel as though you’re constantly improving.

Run DMC certainly believed in their performance the other night. You could see it throughout the show and even in the way Rev Run dropped the mic at the end and stepped off the stage like WHAT?

I’m sure they felt their passion being manifest and left that show feeling like they’ve ‘still got the old magic’ within them which began THIRTY YEARS ago.

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.
-Doug Larson

I swear Jerry Rice must have played wide receiver in the NFL until he was like 76 years old or something.

George Forman was boxing professionally until well after he began eating dinner every day at 3pm in places where his AARP card got him a tidy discount.

The point I'm trying to make is simple: aging is not the end of the world, death is.

I’ll let you know more of how I feel about death after it finally catches up with me. Meanwhile as it chases me, I’ve been busy chasing life. And my son Zaire.

You may recall from previous dispatches that recently my son, the young Master West, and I had a challenge in the air, a footrace, the old walrus vs the young gazelle. Mano y Mano, winner take all, loser go home and so on.

I’d like to tell you that I got out there and taught that kid a lesson on the track, but in reality it was quite the opposite! I learned that my boy is seriously fast and I couldn’t be more proud of him for the way he smoked me out there – there comes a time in life where you got to tell even your dear old dad to ‘step off old man, I GOT this.'

We had a lot of fun that afternoon and despite my not being able to hold off that young buck down the stretch, I still enjoyed the challenge, the chase and then celebrating the new champion; in the end, after all the hugs and trash talk and laughter had subsided I still walked off that track feeling like Rev Run dropping my old ass mic like WHAT??! 

After all, I'm still the King of Rock in this bitch, not quite ready to start my stint as the King of Rocking Chairs...

In which Zaire teaches his old man a lesson.

Use the YouTube links at the top of the video to share this humbling experience with anyone you know who needs to be taught a lesson haha!

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  1. Bilala Khan

    I certainly am proud of my first born. And his siblings all. As someone quite your senior son, its beautiful up here. (:

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