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Im Back!Where’s Amir??

I’m still here!

I wish I could excuse my lengthy absence by saying that I’ve been locked away in some Turkish prison, unable to write or communicate in any way with the outside world until my recent (very daring and completely badass!) escape with the help of the warden’s lovely, lovestruck daughter and my trusty steed – a mighty black stallion named Triumph!

Alas, the truth is far less exciting – it was the Warden’s sickly aunt who came to my rescue, and the ‘trusty steed’ was really just some old flatulent donkey..

But I digress – in all seriousness I want to apologize for taking such a long hiatus from ThriveQuest and also, let me thank so many of you who (unbelievably) actually noticed and inquired about me! Shout out to some of the more recent folks who reached out to me (Renee, Darius, Tammy, Nancy, Thomas & Linda – thank you all for the great feedback and inspiration!) which is certainly not to omit the rest of you who also contacted me while I was AWOL, I appreciated hearing from each and every one of you!!

In all honesty it was not my intention to be gone for so long, I’m pretty much a one man operation these days and its just been a hectic time for me, since my last post I’ve been very busy with my wedding photography business, traveling the world, watching my second son get off to college, writing my soon to be released second book and starting up a brand new business (more on that in future posts).

In reflecting on the year that was 2013, and taking stock of the lessons learned on what went well, what didn’t and where I want to look to improve in the year ahead, I have arrived at the following conclusions relative to ThriveQuest:

1. This site is still the best venue I have available to share of myself and hopefully help others along the way in their path to a better life, so it must be preserved! I still have so much more to share, but I also want to bring in some other perspectives to provide fresh ideas and new insights that are useful to our readers, so look out for some guest writers and if you have some information which you think fits our themes, reach out to me and perhaps your next article can be featured in this space!

2. I have done you, my cherished reader, a great disservice – I haven’t ever told you exactly what to expect and with this long hiatus I am not surprised if some of you have changed the channel, so to speak. So now that we’re back, here’s what you can expect from me:

I am committed to providing new content on the first of every month – come hell, high water or that crazy warden’s aunt. That is not to say that I will only release one article per month, my plan is to get back to doing 2-4 releases per month, but one way or another I’ll be right here with something to say on the 1st.

3. We will be adding some new emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit that I feel is such a major part in helping many people to thrive in today’s world. I want to help people learn to think outside the box of tradition and thereby begin creating a life in their own image as opposed to living out their days toiling in someone else’s life paradigm when it doesn’t fit for them.

4. For years I’ve been a practitioner and fascinated by the concept and philosophy, now I’ve decided to once again share my passions with any interested ThriveQuesters – so very soon we will be adding our own little ThriveQuest twist to the pay it forward movement, I think it will be a lot of fun!

And with that, we’re Baaaacckkk! And now that I’m back, there’s no turning back – which is fortunate for us, because there’s lots of greatness ahead!

Incidentally let me say that it feels so good to be back right now! I’ve missed me too haha! The feedback I received has been such a boost that I am including a talkback form for those of you who may want to drop me a line with any questions or just to say hi – see you soon!

Keep thriving!!


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