Fear of What Comes Next…

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Fear of what's nextIn our lives, we go through one phase after another.

It’s natural and inevitable.

Life’s milestones come and go and are then promptly replaced by new ones. From kindergarten to middle school, to high school to college to career to better career and so on.

In recent months I’ve witnessed high school graduations and beautiful fairytale marriages, close friends have attained their PhD or obtained coveted new jobs, others have been promoted, gained important professional certifications, secured big new contracts for their businesses and all manner of other major accomplishments.

And as they’ve all undoubtedly discovered, at every level of life there is always something ahead of us for which we can strive; an objective worthy of our highest efforts, as inevitably upon reaching a given achievement, no matter how impressive or difficult it may have been to attain, we find ourselves face to face with one stark, glaring, inescapable question:

“What comes next?”

This simple question can, in and of itself, be terrifying.

After working harder than ever before to climb to the summit and achieve our loftiest of goals, we find that there is always more, and often even steeper, mountain ahead to be conquered. Once you’ve fought the good fight, overcome obstacles which once seemed insurmountable and learned to master the portion of life’s mountain that you just climbed, its sometimes hard not to look up at the next challenge that lies ahead without serious concerns.

Will I be able to do it?

Do I even want to try?

Will this be the time that I finally fall and come crashing down, a failure (or worse)?

The part of the mountain I currently stand on is comfortable and familiar, why not make camp here for awhile instead of trying to climb any further?

We all have self doubts and inner demons at one time or another, to one degree or another. Its nothing to be ashamed of nor concerned about and there really is no right or wrong course of action – the key is simply to decide what makes you the happiest. If resting on your laurels is that, then be proud of your accomplishments and your current station in life and live it to the fullest until such time as you feel the need to perhaps attempt to reach another summit or even begin climbing an entirely different mountain. However, if you’ve reached a milestone which ultimately still leaves you unsatisfied and thirsting for more – then pushing past fears, concerns and any self doubt is certainly in order.

Status quo is only a bad thing when you’re unfulfilled in life.

When you think about it, you deserve to allow yourself the space to really enjoy and appreciate your accomplishments; a time to pause and reflect and exhale, as they say! Don’t let your concerns and insecurities about what comes next bully you or intimidate you because it’s unfamiliar and scary and exciting; revel in that fear and excitement. Breathe it. Eat it up. Make it your bitch! …Then I highly suggest you go out and do something about that fear of spiders – I mean really, you’re a grown person after all. Get it together.

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  1. Bilala

    As goals and accomplishments go, we humans have no end. Of course one can accomplish what one sets ones mind to do. Most of this seems mundane. The ultimate seems can you harness and quiet this mind that has one going to and fro and experience the evolutionary forces of millions and millions of years that hold all this matter together. That usually is ones greatest fear, the unknown, unseen dark energy that’s there when the body and mind is laid to rest. One can experience it now, and know the dictum “Know Thyself”. Willie.

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