Amir Who?

My name is Amir West, I could probably be described in a lot of ways: crackpot free thinker, sarcastic bastard contrarian, photographer, entrepreneur, traveler of the world and most recently, publisher of this site, but of all the possible terms which could be used, there’s one overarching characteristic that defines me: I am a person with a relentless zest for life!

I hear people all the time parroting that old saw ‘live every day like its your last’ but unfortunately it seems that while most everyone realizes this to be sound advice – so few people really follow it!

I actually do.

I come from a very loving but rather modest upbringing in Western NY and am happy to say that I’ve enjoyed a reasonably prosperous life with two beautiful children, excellent health and fitness, zero debt, broad travels and last but certainly not least, a loving and supportive circle of friends and family all around the world.

So that’s Amir at a very high level. Seriously, what more can I say about myself without sounding like some type of deranged narcissist?


See what I mean?

But since you’re now part of the inner circle I feel compelled to peel back the onion layers even more and share some personal tidbits and little known facts about myself for those of you who are, by some miracle, actually still reading this page:

    • I am a bit of a foodie and love to eat; although I am very conscious about eating well I still know how to make a good cookie disappear every once in a while
    • I am something of a word nerd and will kick your ass any day of the week in Scrabble or Words With Friends if you’re not careful
    • I stay in the gym, or more accurately I do some form of physical exercise just about every day – though not always indoors
    • I’m a football junkie and enjoy the sport on all levels, from playing to watching and even some coaching at times. Buffalo Bills fan for life!! …or at least until they move to Toronto or some damn where
    • I cant juggle or ride a unicycle as an individual activity, but I can juggle while simultaneously riding a unicycle
    • That last one was not true, I just ran out of cool things to say (I can’t believe you believed that shit)
So that’s me in a nutshell, if you want to know more feel free to hit me up – meanwhile lets get on with this business of learning something new today and making life a better place for one another!